Foyle’s War

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A series detective series… one ore 😉 Joke aside, this one is pseudo-historical (2nd World War) and excellent.

Foyle's War

Created for ITV, these series saw its episodes cut and shortened for PBS.
Created and ritten by: Anthony Horowitz
Directors: Jeremy Silberston, David Thacker, …

Anthony Howell: Paul Milner (assistant)
Michael Kitchen: Christopher Foyle (detective)
Honeysuckle Weeks: Samantha Stewart (driver)
Hors photo:
Julian Ovenden: Andrew Foyle (Foyle jr.)

foyleswar1 foyleswar2 foyleswar3

Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle is the chief od the Hastings police force, south coast of Britain, and in 1940, with France occupied, and Nazis coming, it is a rather heavy ambiance. Foyle still manages to arrive to the end of his investigations. Foyle’s son is pilot in the Royal Airforce, which gives another insight to understand what was happening during the war.

My advice
It is really not series for dear Tyr, it is far to slow. No or very few action, no speed. But a loosely connected group of inquiries (more by characters than by intrigues), respect for history or at least spirit of the time, and rather good plots. The ambiance is a sweet-sour mix between war (ubiquitous) and the British countryside. I recommend it to change a bit from the northern series atmosphere…


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(Images source: ITV, Accorn DVD

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