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A GOOD client for Twitter


Obviously, if you hat social networks, Tweetbot will not be of any use for you. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the “chirping network”, as Michel Cymes (@michelcymes) says, Tweetbot is the best solution, a Twitter client including everything you need to use more than one account (you, your association, your secret account, and so on), post easily (with pictures / videos), have personalised alerts, block or on the contrary set in evidence words or names, and so on.

Very simple to use, yet very customizable. The first screenshot shows I have two accounts, my personal one (@Midori_marmotte) and the one from our Doctor Who website (@BeansOnToast_FR), and switching is done by two “taps” on the screen. The second shows the interface to compose tweets (you can also use a BT keyboard), the third the reading interface, with all possibilities (mentions, MP, lists, starred, retweets, searches, …). The fourth screenshot shows part of the preferences interface. For everything not instantly evident, there is a FAQ or you can contact them (mail, tweet, …).

Tweetbot: comptes Tweetbot: composer Tweetbot: principal Tweetbot: prefs

Unfortunately, you cannot define Tweetbot as main client for Twitter, so know that if you tweet your photos from the roll, or a site from Safari, it will be done through the base client integrated to iOS. But it is very easy to copy and paste a link, or insert photos / videos inside Tweetbot, so use it. You can also RT or quote, answer to all or the main one, … to sum it up, you are not as restricted as you think.

Price / In-App buys
The three francs are really a light price for a well conceived App (help with twitter, their site, mail, …) and all is paid at once, nothing to add inApp.

Some little details that help: if a tweet does not go, or that you want to wait, it is saved as draft, to load from the composer interface. You can block / signal as spam from the App. And you can even modify your profile from it (yep, @I_is_sam)!

Summing it up
After testing almost all the available clients, including the official and the version through Safari, I can tell you that Tweetbot is the best. And you may have noticed I did add a bit of advertising for some Twitter accounts in this article 😉

Publisher: Tapbots
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