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Because my friends are geeks too, code your sites php/html from your iPad


Where to begin? How many times did you have a website problem when you were not near your/a computer? All right, there are other apps like that, now, but Koder was there first when I searched for one. And it fits…

Very intuitive, the ftp parts has all the classical manipulations (with verification dialogue for suppression… indispensable!). The editor part offers a keyboard with “, ‘, (), [] and {} as quick bar, and a tab key, if you do not have an external keyboard. There is a snippets notepad, preview, full screen view, and even a search and replace function! And you can open several files in tabs.

koder manage koder edit

koder allows access to sites with (s)ftp, locally, via Dropbox or even cloud/webdav. And gives access to your iPad as server through any browser on your local network.

Price / In-App buysc
This app costs 6 CHF, but it is worth it. And no scam with function to pay later, you get the full app!

It is easy to create bookmarks for your main sites. And in full screen mode with the logitech keyboard, for example, it is almost as nice a your computer.

Summing it up
If you are webmaster and travel often with your iPad, it is the App to get, it will often help you out of bad passes.

Publisher: iCode Labs
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/koder-code-editor/id439271237?l=en&mt=8
Images source: iPad

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