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Let’s begin at the beginning: here is what you need to reach the World with your iPad!


Thos App requires a free account at Dropbox’s (use the link below, please 😉 ), and allows you to synch one or more folders with your iPad, your iPhone, your computers, … files, pdfs, …. with this App, you can communicate between your tools! I prepared my studying summaries on my laptop, and sent them on my iPad with Dropbox. You can also share files with other people for collaborative work, and so on.

Very simple and intuitive, Dropbox does not require any knowledge to be used. You choose yourself which Apps can access Dropbox, and vice versa, it is the same for which tools, drag-and-drop on computers, clic-and-validate on iPads and iPhones.

Dropbox Preferences Dropbox partage Dropbox open

It is one of the most connected Apps I know of. It interracts with Apps like CaptureNotes (Notes taking), Piascore (virtual music scores), MyWorkTime (Work Time Gestion), and obviously iBooks, as well as many many others. Some Apps use Dropbox as safe place, others to import easily, and some to share.

Price / In-App buysc
The App is free, the basic account is Free. You will have to pay if you want a Pro account, but this is not basically needed.


Summing it up
Not only is it simple and well conceived, but this App is also useful. So why hesitate? If you decide to subscribe to it, please use my referal link? https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTgxMzEwMTI5 Thank you!

App Link: http://itunes.apple.com/ch/app/dropbox/id327630330?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2#
Publisher: Dropbox Inc.
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4 Responses to “Dropbox [iPad / iPhone, free]”

  1. Si tu installes dropbox, je te conseilles d’utiliser l’authentification en deux phases.


    Sinon, est-ce que c’est encore nécessaire d’avoir l’extension qui empêche le hot-link? Ça rend juste le blog affreux dans Google Reader, et je ne pense pas que le hot-linking soit encore un problème ces jours…

  2. A noter que le gros avantage sur iCloud, c’est que DropBox fonctionne aussi sur Androïde ou Windows pour ceux qui n’ont pas que du matériel Apple.

  3. Yep, par contre, je n’ai trouvé aucun retour de l’app sur un autre os mobile ? Tu connais quelqu’un ayant Androïd qui l’utilise ?

  4. Alors, Thias, t’es passé dans le spam ^^;;

    Ok, pour l’identification 2 layers…

    Pour le hotlink, oui, j’ai régulièrement des abrutis… mais on doit pouvoir faire quelque chose pour google reader. Hm….

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