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Some of you know it already, I received a beautiful Mother’s day present… so a little test ! (And I will also add my tests of Apps…)

iPad 2, wifi, 64 Go

Handling and use

Sound and picture

Network, battery and connectivity
I was surprised (disappointed positively as we say in my native Canton) by the battery. What uses most of the energy is not the wifi, but the lighting of the screen. Set lower, with only a few apps open, it keeps a whole day. Wifi is not bad, you can even link* it to your iPhone if you have the adapted subscription. As for the iPhone one, the cord is fragile. And use the mains connection to charge it, not the usb of your laptop…

Use, Apps, accessories, …
As said above, in the “must have”, there are earphones (or loudspeaker if you only use it at home or private office), the screen protection, and the bag / cover / iPad protection. In the “to put on your list”, there is the keyboard, the dock, the mini camera adaptator, and the stylus. As for apps, it will depend of your use, but I suggest Dropbox, to send yourself this and that, and iTunes U (official Apple app, but not installed from the start) for courses on every topic.

In the end…
Yes, it was almost an impulse buy, with reduced price, not the most recent model, and I am a bit parti pris (my intuition goes the same way as Apple’s 😛 ), but for a student / someone who wants an ereader that does more / a person who cannot have her laptop at hand / … it is exceedingly useful!
Final grade: 8.5 / 10

* Note that if you take the 3G version, you need a second account of mobile telephony, or a second Sim-card, or you will not be able to use your phone each time your iPad uses 3G…

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