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Here is a book that caught my attention because of its title

The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England

The Time Traveller’s Guide To Medieval England Ian Mortimer wrote an history book from a different viewpoint. It is almost a Lonely Planet guide for Medieval England. Well documented and well developped, it gives a good idea of what life was like at the time, for all social ranks. I am not 100% agreeing with some of what he said on authors (“What to read” in the last chapter), but globally, the book is very good.

The different information is always based on an array of sources (Chronicles, Accounting books, recorded testimonies, …), and paints a very different country than the one we always imagine with films and such. The author makes a further distinction between the pre-Black Death and the 1400 environment, showing us how, with very different concerns and solutions than us, life was going on from the indentured servant to the kings and princes.

For those of you who like Time Travelling shows like Doctor Who, I would recommend this book as exactly the kind of manual the Doctor might offer to his companions…

Official: http://www.ianmortimer.com/ [EN]

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  1. Ah oui juste, il a l’air vraiment chouette ce livre ! faut que je te l’emprunte à l’occasion 😉

  2. Ps : faudra mettre à jour nos onglets persos sur le blog, hé ! “future prof” c’est plus trop d’actualité pour le moment et j’ai même pu de photo XD

  3. Pas de problème, quand tu veux. Et pour le PS: tu peux pas y accéder, toi ? Mais… oui ^^;:

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