Carcassonne [XBox 360 (XBox Live)]

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The famous game by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede was adapted on several media, amongst which the XBox.

Nothing transcendent, it is conform to the original boardgame. I would have liked a bit of improvement on the roads (make it more easy to see if they cut or not an area is difficult without HD tv), and the building phase animations are nice. The writing used is not very legible.

Grade: 7 / 10

Big weakness of this game. After 5 minutes, I did deactivate the music and started my playlist… I understand they would not want to invest too much money or time into the music, but there are limits.
Grade: 6 / 10

The use of the gamepad is all right (buttons for setting/cancelling/validating, triggers for turning/zooming), and the game technically playable. The problem is the AI. Already at the easy level, one wonders if its aim is not to gift you points, but whatever the level, the AI makes stupid mistakes, like puting a follower on a road that brings in two points when it just placed an abbay cart in the middle of 8 others, and that putting the follower on the abbay would win 9 points and bring the follower back at once. It is annoying, and often, the AI does not try to win points but to stop others (AI and humans alike) to win points…
Grade: 7 / 10

Length / Add ons
The game is sold with 4 difficulty levels, and the River I extension, like the base box in gaming shops. It already gives a lot of possibilities, but I found the other add ons too “expensive” for what they are. Unless you are the absolute fan or have too much money… I will satisfy myself with the base game. On the other hand, it “limits” the game, because the AIs are a bit repetitive.
Grade: 8 / 10

Story / characters
Evidently, in such a game, no story, no characters. But you can notice three things: the medieval atmosphere (with birds, sound of soldiers, walls, …) well done, despite the annoying music, the successes (how to play to reach them implies to think about the number of AI players and their level), and the opportunities for multiplayer games.
Grade: 7/ 10

In the end…
A good game well rendered in console version, do not hesitate if you have gamer friends around the world 😉
Final grade: 7 / 10

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