Le Guerrier de Jade (Jadesoturi)

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Found by luck on Arte because of a search by keywords, this film is a good surprise.


A finnish-chinese coproduction, based on “the” finnish saga, the Kalevala, and that could and probably should have been a disaster, and despite that is a very good movie.
Written by: Antti-Jussi Annila, Petri Jokiranta, Iiro Küttner
Director: Antti-Jussi Annila

Tommi Eronen: Kai & Sintai
Markku Peltola: Berg
Jingchu Zhang: Pin Yu
Krista Kosonen: Ronja
Hao Dang: Cho
Elle Kull: Weckström

Kai vers le Sampo; Berg
Sintai à la forge
Duel Sintai

When Ronja decides to leave Kai, blacksmith installed in a swamp zone of Finland, she takes with her several Chinese historical items of Kai’s collection, and offers them to an antiquarian, Berg. It starts mysterious forces that send Kai (or at least his essence / soul) back to ancient china, when he was Sintai the warrior, protecting Earth from demons.

My advice
When reading the summary, I first thought “ouch, this must be a baaad film”. But I still took a while to check it, because it was bringing together several things: blacksmithing, wuxia, medieval saga and time travel. Well, in the end, it was a good initiative: the film is good. The different combinations, medieval Finnish saga / Chinese legends, wuxia film / Finnish romance, not totally modern craftsman / warrior a bit in advance on his time are really well done. And icing on the cake, the treatment of time travel and paradoxes is coherent.

Blind Spot Pictures [EN]
Arte [FR]

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