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When my brain registred the word Nephilim, I thought it would be a TV adaptation of Sébastien Pennes or Fabien Clavel’s books. It is not even that.


Fernanda Andrade: Vilma Rodriguez, nephilim et petite amie d’Aaron
Paul Wesley: Aaron Corbett, le Nephilim héros de l’histoire
Hal Ozsan: Azazel
Rick Worthy: Camael, ancien chef des Puissances
Darren Scott: Gabriel/Gabe le chien (voix)
Tom Skerritt: Ezekiel/Zeke, un ange déchu, ami d’Aaron
Alex Ferris: Stevie Corbett
Chelah Horsdal: Lori Corbett, parents adoptifs d’Aaron
Elizabeth Lackey: Verchiel, ange chassant les Nephilim et les anges déchus
Will Yun Lee: Mazarin, chef des Puissances

A mini series in three parts for ABC Family, that did not have much succes. Broadcasted in 2006, it was already removed from the webside… and is impossible to find in DVD. It is the NRJ2’s french dubbing that allowed me to see it by luck.
Created and written by: Tim Huddleston et Sara B. Cooper, d’après une nouvelle de Thomas E. Sniegoski
Directors: Mikael Salomon, Kevin Kerslake
Bryan Cranston: Lucifer (sic)
Fernanda Andrade: Vilma Rodriguez, Nephilim and crush of Aaron
Paul Wesley: Aaron Corbett, the Nephilim, hero of this story
Hal Ozsan: Azazel
Rick Worthy: Camael, former chief of the Powers
Darren Scott: Gabriel/Gabe the dog (voice)
Tom Skerritt: Ezekiel/Zeke, fallen angel, Aaron’s friend
Alex Ferris: Stevie Corbett
Chelah Horsdal: Lori Corbett, Aaron’s foster parents
Elizabeth Lackey: Verchiel, angel hunting Nephilim and fallen angels
Will Yun Lee: Mazarin, chief of the Powers


On his eightenth birthday, Aaron discovers that he has strange powers (he can talk to animals, for example), and since he was adopted, does know nothing about them. He learns he is a Nephilim, the child of a human and an angel. He befriends a fallen angel, Zeke, and brings his college crush in the adventure, Vilma, who is a Nephilim too. Unluckily, the Powers (under orders of God) are roaming the earth to eliminate fallen angels and Nephilims. Aaron learns he could be the Nephilim of the prophecy, who could save them all.

My advice
Honestly, I was expecting better than that. I thought it was constantly oscillating between teenager movies and bad action series. Even the humour is not very good. I think the book’s plot(s) (based on the summaries) was used as a pretext (nice costumes, special effects and landscapes…) and not as a base for the story. Watch Sarah Jane Adventures if you want a good series with mysterious things…

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(Images source: http://www.malcolminthemiddle.co.uk/2007/07/25/bryan-cranston-hal-as-lucifer-in-fallen/)

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  1. Lire le résumé en regardant les images ça donne déjà une petite idée… beurk :-P.

  2. Oui, hein ? Et même si y’a très peu d’images sur le net, c’est même pas les pires ^^; Ils ont un moment fait un escalier à la Escher… ben tu dirais qu’il est en plastique ¬_¬

  3. J’ai regardé le lancement sur le site que tu as mis en lien… c’est un peu la fête du sagex en effet !
    Dommage, dommage…

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