Last chance Harvey

19.19.2009 @ 00:49:19 | ChoseVerte  |   français

A scenario written by a mormon either totally depresive or totaly stupid.
No kidding… a rhythm worthy of a Derrick episode (Derrick being an old detective series always veeeeeery slow), no or almost no story, dull characters without flavour.

I liked
The polish neighbour

I did not like
In fact, I see one thing only: Everything except the polish neighbour

Seriously, are they paid to do films like this? I think it is the first time I feel like getting out of the cinema, yet I had already seen rubbish films. If you really want to waste 16 francs, I can give you my account number, but do not go watch this film

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  1. Just to add in English version:

    Derrick most famous special effect is when Harry (Derrick’s assistant) open the office door. I’ve seen it in many different episodes, very impressive


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