Lemmings (PSP / PAL)

28.28.2006 @ 14:17:55 | Midori  |   français

Oh nooooo ! *plop* yes… the Lemmings are back on your consoles ! On the PSP to be precise, so little critic.


The game uses wisely the PSP’s capacities. Some intro pictures for each level, lemmings are very finely detailled depiste their small size, levels are beautifull, … Frankly impressive. The gameplay also uses that visual capacity.
Grade: 9 / 10

Well, it is the “original” lemmings music, but redone, but the main default (some players got bored because of the repetitions) is still present. But I like the music, let us say it “sticks” perfectly to the game, so no problem. And in the worse case, with a PSP, you can play your own music 😛
Grade: 7.5 / 10

It is well adapted to PSP. You change “tools” with L1 and R1, validate with X, move the cursor (+ if empty, [_] on a lemming) with the pad / the cross button. Triangle for fast forward and square for pause. You can give orders and move the cursor even in pause, so no keyboard problem. The “level maker” is slightly difficult to master, but except for that…
Grade: 8.5 / 10
Avance Rapide

With the original levels (four difficulties), the “psp” levels, those downloadable on the web and those do-it-yourself, you can play for hours. No problem on this side. And perhaps will it be possible to get all the famous levels like X-mas Lemmings, … from the web.
Grade: 9 / 10

In the end…
A mythical game very well redone fore PSP, with a nice graphisme, it is a must have for the PSP as long as you like brainteasers. And for the pleasure to trade levels with other players.
Final grade: 8.5 / 10

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4 Responses to “Lemmings (PSP / PAL)”

  1. Ooooooh Noooooon!
    Encore des frais en perspective…

  2. Les graphismes ont l’air super beaux! 😀 Je pense qu’on se l’offrira tôt ou tard!

    ps: je sais pas si tu sais (ouais, bon, hein… ;P ), mais il y a un Legend of Heroes II sur PSP….. 😀

  3. Oui, et aussi un Blade Dancer (un A-rpg exclusivité PSP), Valkyrie profile et un truc qui s’apelle Generation of Chaos qu’est un Tactical. Va falloir que je trie … :p (Oui, ben bon, mon homme s’appelle pas Crésus, non plus ^^; )

    Et pour le Lemmings, si tu veux l’emprunter…

  4. Excellente nouvelle, le jeu est sorti pour la PS2 🙂 Amusez-vous bien…

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