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I could have named this post “So long, and thank you for the fish…” but it is a bit more clear so 😉 Well yes, shame on me, I hat not made a post on the author of H2G2 !

Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
: (The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy – The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – Life, the Universe and Everything – So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish – Mostly Harmless) The most mad SF series I know of. If you found Asimov too serious, the Monthy Python too contemporary and Alien too… bloody, H2G2 is for you. A human from earth completely lost, an intergalactic traveller trying hitchhicking, and a maniaco-depressiv robot named Marvin are the ingredients of the begining. Without taking in account, naturally, the earth’s destruction.
What is more, I bought myself the DVD today, and watched it, listening again with pleasure to “so long and thank you for the fish”… It is very good stuff. If you want to know why 42, go on without hesitation !

Dirk Gently: (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul) When Gordon Way dies, killed by the electric monk who did not know that people really die on that planet, Richard MacDuff finds himself accused of that crime. With the help of Reg and of the detective Dirk Gently, a specialist of the soul, the life, the universe and so on, he tries to find the truth.

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4 Responses to “Douglas Adams”

  1. Si je puis me permettre: Marvin n’est pas *maniaco*-dépressif. Il est dépressif tout court ; on ne l’a jamais vu esquisser le moindre signe d’euphorie.
    Si je me souviens bien, on le décrit même comme “l’Androïde Paranoïde”, ce qui est une jolie rime.

    Allez, salut, et encore merci pour le poisson.

  2. Voui c’est vrai, tiens, j’ai dû mettre maniaco dépressif sans faire gaffe…

    Je ferais bien une suggestion, mais vous n’écouteriez pas. Personne n’écoute jamais….

  3. Ahaha, j’ADORE le bout où tu dis “Lorsque Gordon Way dies”. *morte de rire* Joli mélange, Mido. ^^

    Sinon, je n’ai qu’une seul chose à dire. 42. Voilà. 😛

  4. Rhaa, c’est les hasards de la traduction ¬_¬ Et si vous faisiez vos articles en bilingue, aussi, hein ? >-)

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