Legend of Heroes (PSP / US)

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I got this game as second hand with a discount (thanks Leen), and it is my thirs game for PSP, a rather nice oldschool RPG. (Awww, I am begining to do like Raton with the links everywhere in the texts…)

Even if the graphisme is not at the level of a movie, it is still very impressive, beaches with iridescent reflects and sun effects are beautifull. Characters are in “normal” mode in their portraits (when they speak), and in SD for moving / fighting. All are not heavilly typed, but I liked the “combat sage”, for example, the visual corresponding exactly to the character’s style. Grade: 8.5 / 10

A congenial music, in the Final Fantasy style, with a battle theme and a “victory” music. I think it is worthwile to use the headset and to listen to a music adapted to the game. And, because of the rabit, amongst others, there are sound effects troughout the game, so…Grade: 8 / 10

Very easy for the combats side (even if, astonishingly, a spell which aim is killed does not receive a new aim) it is turn based, with a menu and action along speed of the character, but the manipulation of the joystick in the dungeons / on the map is slightly silty and imprecise… The weapon / armor system is clear, you can get better in each new place with the money won or found (fights, chests, wages, …) Grade: 8 / 10

Length / Sidequests
About sidequests, I must admit I found none. But perhaps I did not look correctly ? Except for the rabbit, I do not see anything not compulsory. On the other hand, the game in itself is long enough, and for each episode, you think “cool, there is more”. Grade: 8 / 10

Story / characters
Beware, tenderhearted souls, do NOT PLAY to this game. The scenes I think of may be in SD, it is totally depressing, sometimes ! On the other hand, there are wonderfull jokes to laugh to your heart’s content. The dialogues are good… some characters are a bit farfetched, like the princess who disguises herself (you get that from far awayy), and there are some…. cuuuuuuuuties ^_^ like Archem and the little animals, it “drips goodness”, if you see what I mean… too much is too much… But globally, it is nice, and even if you get a fake joy in the begining of the game, for me, the story is valid: a brother and a sister separated very early for their security, after the attack of the “cathedral” where they used to live, and the brother, Avin, tries everything to find his sister, risking to be the “main aim” for the opposed ennemy group. Grade: 8.5 / 10

In the end…
I recommend this game (a PS adaptation) to all those who did not play it already, or who want a RPG on the move 😛 No, seriously, if you can get it as a secon hand, it is the best way, even if it still does only make adaptation for the PSP, and no original RPG. Final grade: 8.2 / 10

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2 Responses to “Legend of Heroes (PSP / US)”

  1. Là, je suis morte de rire! Je viens de m’offrir le jeu et une PSP pack card 1 Go, je me cherche un test sur le net, et je me retrouve ici! 😀
    Mais c’est juste, tu as ce jeu! ^^ Bin merci pour l’avis du coup.
    Et je suis rassurée, pour le “flou” du joystick, ce n’est pas que chez moi. 😛

  2. Comme quoi, hein… 😛 Je dois avouer que ce jeu, plus j’y joue plus j’ai envie d’y jouer, même si de temps à autre je me taperais la tête contre les murs suite à certaines actions en baston, etc… Mais si je devais revoir ma revue (sic) je pense que la note serait un poil plus haute, et certainement pas plus basse. 🙂

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