véhicule Dodge T203, VF 405, G-621


Etats-Unis – 1939 – 1’000

fabricant : Dodge
poids : 3,25 t
traction : 4×4
équipage : 2 ho
équipement : treuil avant
vitesse : 80 km/h ?
chargement : 1,50 t

Re 58 p 38, 40 PR

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2 Responses to véhicule Dodge T203, VF 405, G-621

  1. Martin kemp says:


    I’m from England. Where is this truck? I’d love to get in contact with the owner.



  2. Midori says:

    Hello, this illustration comes from book re58, as stated in the post, which corresponds to WW II : observer’s fighting vehicles directory Bart H. Vanderveen, Frederick Warne(1969 Londres).

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