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Prepare for trouble! Make it… err… I digress. This is a new series I discovered and that I want you to discover too. There is a major difference with my usual series. This one, like me, is Swiss!

Der Bestatter Cast

An original detective series of the SRF (Swiss-German TV) shot in Switzerland (oh hello the Coop and station from Aarau, …), in Swiss-German
Created by: Dave Tucker on an idea by Harmut Block
Written by: Dave Tucker
Director: Markus Fischer and Markus Welter

Cast (order as picture)
Samuel Streiff: Reto Dörig, instpector
Christoph Gaugler: cantonal prosecutor Paul Odermatt
Barbara Terpoorten: Main police chief in Aarau Anna-Maria Giovanoli
Mike Müller: Luc Conrad, ex inspector, undertaker
Martin Ostermeier: pathologist Dr. Alois Semmelweis
Reto Stalder: Fabio Testi, apprentice undertaker
Suly Röthlisberger: Erika Bürgisser, mother of Luc and Conrad bussiness widow

Der Bestatter – la firme Der Bestatter – La police d'Aarau Der Bestatter – Corps Der Bestatter – Luc Conrad

Luc Conrad, ex police inspector in Aarau, took over his late father’s undertaker business. As his police partner died not long before in dubious circumstances, his separation from the police is far from done.

He stayed friend with Anna-Maria, now main police chief, and and has the ear of the pathologist who treats him half like an opponent, half like a colleague. He keeps getting to take care of corpses that need to go back to the police.

My advice
A good police series, with endearing characters, humour, intelligent stories, and filmed in original Swiss-german version (they exist with German subtitles, and with French dubbing and subtitles). A <3 for Fabio’s role that is at the same time moving and funny, and able to exist alongside Luc’s character.

Der Bestatter – DVD

Officel SRF [DE]

(Images source: DVD & SRF)

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