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I fond this App more by luck than anything eels, but seeing how useful it is, I am going to present it.

Logo ANI

A Novel Idea (ANI) is an App made to help you in your writings (scenarios, books, novels, …) by putting together in the same place your writing and your notes, ideas, characters, places, and so on, in an interconnected manner corresponding to your needs and wishes. It will help you as much for your next RPG scenario as for writing a paper on weapon usage in Shakespeare. It is the iOS version of the cards and typewriter of your first stories…

The interface is rather simple. For each type (book, scene, character, place, idea), you can create, group, order and link (to an item of another type) your item, as well as fill a lot of things about it. Many information on characters have been added in the last update, upon suggestions by the users. In the scene panel (scène 2), the pencil is used to access the writing interface, and in the writing interface (scène 3), the circle of arrows goes back to panel 2.

Interface Principal Scènes Scènes 2 Scènes 3

Personnage 1 Personnage 2 Lieu Idée

ANI works well with Drobox. As the file is in XML, you can even use a text editor on it from your laptop, if needed. I suggested to the App creator to try for an OSX version, but if you use a keyboard with your iPad, this works very well too. Little detail, if you modify your works from two different devices, you may end up with duplicates rather that one removing the other. I use the Dropbox access from my laptop to have an additional save of what I write. You can also send your work by email (simple text file).

Price / In-App buys
ANI is free in a limited version with ads, 3 CHF for the Pro version (in App buy) that is without ads, multiple sync withh Dropbox, sync with iTunes, and writing your scenes inside the app. Though this App still has a few small bugs (with some impossible to duplicate, so I wonder if my iPad is not the culprit), it is already usable and complete.

I did try several Apps of the kind, it is the only one that is not overpriced, that is logical, and where the creator is concerned about his users. He first made it for himself, but he is responsive, corrects the bugs that are reported, and takes into account the ideas of the users.

Summing it up
Even if it is not free of bugs, I think this is rather a bargain for an App that can help you avoid giving up the big baddie at the begining of your scenario, or forgeting what a character is named in your story… And if it is not absolute perfection, it is already looking good.

Publisher: http://svachasoftware.weebly.com/
Images source: Screenshots + site

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3 Responses to “A Novel Idea [iPad, iPhone / 3 CHF*]”

  1. Intéressant. Il faudra que j’essaye.

    Pour le moment, j’utilise Evernote, qui a l’avantage d’être utilisable en app et en web, mais qui est très limitée.

  2. Merci pour cette découverte !
    Là, pour préparer mes scénars, je suis plutôt sur OneNote. La possibilité de prendre des notes manuscrites automatiquement synchronisées sur tous mes devices est un vrai avantage, mais la structure est laissée à mon appréciation. “A Novel Idea” pourrait améliorer les choses, je testerai ça avec le premier scénar post-Masques.

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