Death in Paradise / Meurtres au Paradis

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It is because of T… oh, wait, no, it is not because of Tyr, this time, but of France 2 that, broadcasting in no real order but with English version, made me record the 2nd or 3rd broadcast on BBC (in the correct order).

Cast Death In Paradise


A crime series mixing british and French humour in the enchanting region of the Guadeloupe, for the BBC, but broadcasted in two languages on France 2.
Created and written by: Robert Thorogood

Sara Martins: Camille Bordey
Danny John-Jules: Dwayne Myers
Gary Carr: Fidel Best
Ben Miller: DI Richard Poole
(not on picture:)
Élisabeth Bourgine: Catherine
Don Warrington: Commissionner Selwyn Patterson

The lizard

Richard Pool is not a happy policeman. Excellent officer, very good at solving mysteries, he is sent to the island of Sainte-Marie, in the middle of a sand-sun-fun combo, for the strange death of a colleague. What is worse, the air company lost his luggage. The cabin were he lives has a squatter with green and scaly skin, his strict costume not going along with the weather, and worse, the island having been through many hands, including French, for Richard, it has spread disorder in what should be organised.

My advice
I did not notice it when it first came out, despite liking Ben Miller, but the France 2 broadcast gave me the opportunity to try it. And I was not let down. Intrigues that, in majority, are coherent (even if not extremely original), the use of the Franco-british “frame” and of the sensibilities, appealing characters (so much that I am disapointed to see Miller go…), and good actors. It has more rythme than Agatha Christie’s or other british series, yet does not go into action series. So it is perfect for me… and for you!


Rushes (creators of the lizard!) [EN]

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