Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins [3DS / PAL]

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As I could not resist the call of Lego after the Wii U version (that my son and I finished at 100%), here is the test.

Lego City 3DS Box

A “10 years before” version of Lego City, where all places are recognizable, with obviously 3DS graphics, but rather well done. Nothing “beautiful”, but I do not think it was the aim of the designers. It was more important to link it directly to the Wii U version, which is the case.

Lego City 3DS scene Lego City 3DS Thief

Grade: 7 / 10

Again, using the WiiU themes to give the idea of a “prequel”, but without anything extraordinary.
Grade: 7 / 10

Some actions are obvious, and guided. The playing freedom is less that on the Wii U, but some things are more logical. Just avoid playing this one just after the other, or you will always try to use the wrong buttons (1 L & R set of buttons instead of 2, no right stick, …). The game also uses different “disguises” with each their powers.
Grade: 8 / 10

Length / Sidequests
A bit shorter than its older brother, this game still has a good length for the missions only, and then you can try the 100%. I must admit I am far from it, not having the faintest idea where some items are.
Grade: 8 / 10

Story / characters
It is Chase McCain’s story 10 years before he comes back in the Wii U game. How he did a monstrous stupidity when arresting Rex Fury, and so on. It allows us to learn a bit more about Chase, Natalia, Rex, the captain, the mayor, … Rather well though of, if a bit caricatured.
Grade: 9 / 10

In the end…
If you like the Wii U game, you will probably like this one a bit too. If you are a lego fan or a young gamer, it is perfect. And not too expensive.
Final grade: 7.8 / 10

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  1. Nintendo a publié quelques codes pour ce jeu:
    Homme des bois, costume : kkrrwx
    Mime, costume : tfwfvs
    Guerrier spartiate, costume : cqdhjs
    Zombie, costume : hvgtpg
    Riot, véhicule : nqbsrp

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