The Bletchley Circle

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A bit diferent, an “historical” detective fiction… what do you mean, I keep repeating myself?

The Bletchley Circle - cast

3 x 45 minutes episodes for ITV, in the Historical drama category
Created and written by: Guy Burt
Director: Andy De Emmony

Julie Graham: Jean
Anna Maxwell Martin: Susan
Sophie Rundle: Lucy
Rachael Stirling: Millie
(out of the picture)
Michael Gould: Deputy Commissioner Wainwright
Ed Birch: Harry
Mark Dexter: Timothy

Bletchley Circle the group Bletchley Circle finding clues Bletchley Circle at Bletchley Park

Susan and her friends and colleagues all worked at Bletchley Park during the war. It was the intelligence centre, and especially the place were codes were broken and enemies kept under surveillance. Ten years later, Susan thinks she has decoded a serial killer’s method, and when the police fails to arrest him despite her help, she gathers her group again, and follows the killer with her best weapon: her intelligence.

My advice
I liked this (mini)series. It has detective work, feminism/female condition history, a touch of historical information, and so on. The choice of doing three (lengthy) episodes instead of one extremely long film is a good one. Also, costumes, sets, … of the ’50! It will not take too long to watch, so go on!

Bletchley Circle DVD

Fiche IMDB [EN]

(Images source: ITV

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