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Let’s change a bit, to Australia, because of Thierry Attard


One 13 episodes series on ABC1 (Australia)

Created by: Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger
From: the books by Kerry Greenwood

Ashleigh Cummings: Dorothy “Dot” Williams
Nathan Page: Detective Inspector John “Jack” Robinson
Essie Davis: Phryne Fisher
Hugo Johnstone-Burt: Constable Hugh Collins

Aunt Prudence Dr Elizabeth "Mac" Macmillan Dot Inspector Robinson

Around 1920, Phryne Fisher comes back to Australia after several years abroad, and decides to create a detective agency in Melbourne, to the inspector Robinson’s great displeasure, since he would appreciate not having a meddling amateur in his inquiries…

My advice
I love the humour, and the Phryne / Jack duet is very well done… Plots are good, costumes / settings are well done, vehicules “of the time”, and concepts in the scenarios correspond to the epoch. I like the secondary characters that add a touch of fun (the aunt, …) and the love stories are light, and non invasive. And there is a bit of everything in every episode: detective story, obviously, but also adventure, love, travel, fun, philosophy, …


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