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Downloaded after a post on iGénération, Maily, despite some flaws, quickly became essential.


WARNING: I made all the pictures anonymous, by putting a gray rectangle with what should be there in black words.

Maily is a messaging / email App, secured, not for enterprises, but for kids. A parent will create each kid’s account, decide who he has in his contacts, and there are three security levels: nothing – copy of sent and received messages – validation of received messages. Everything that is settings, log off, … is under a parental code, independently fro the one of the iPad.

Intuitive enough, I would say, even if some aspects seem a bit wonky to me. From left to right: welcome screen if logged on, parental code for everything not kids domain, validation e-mail before the kid can see the message, gestion on the parent’s side.

Accounts Code parental Validation Gestion, parent side

The screen to create a message, an example message, a dialogue (on the left the kid’s and on the right the contact’s messages), the contact choice screen.

Create Example Conversation Contacts

Maily connects with nothing else than itself (iPad version or through the website), and it is exactly the purpose of this App!

Price / In-App buysc
Free, no in-App buy, and for what they say, they will not add ads. I must say I would be ready to pay for this App, even only to support them.

There is a validation process and the necessity for each contact to have a maily account, which can seem long and / or heavy, but frankly, when it concerns your kids… Their servers are sometimes a bit slow, but it always works in the end, and their helpdesk through the website is very very reactive. What I think is missing: an “undo” command to remove only the last drawing line.

Summing it up
If you take in account that I am always near them when my kids use the iPad, maily is a very good solution for their first steps into e-mails. They like to be able to send a drawing to their dad or granddads. But this App is there to remove one layer of worry to the parents, never to replace their monitoring. By the way, use the fact than you can create maily accounts from an email, not Facebook, it would make no sense.

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