PDP My First Mote Cars 2 [Accessoire Wii / Wii U]

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A bit of a hardware test, for a change.

My First Mote

Since it is for kids, there are differences on size and shape. A little bit shorter, curved in the middle to hold it easily, a bit lighter, and the important buttons (A, B, cross, 1 and 2) bigger. Only problem: the “girls” version is an ugly princes design, no matter which of the 4 decorations you choose.
Grade: 9 / 10

Battery / accessories
2 AAA batteries instead of the two AA, but they get empty more quickly, though reasonably. On the other hand, the accessories, except for the nunchunk, cannot be used with this mote.
Grade: 7 / 10

It is a “true” wiimote, so any game using the classical wiimote will be fine. Note that it does not have wii motion plus.
Grade: 8 / 10

Price / disponibility

Grade: 9 / 10

In the end…
It is perfect for my 4 years old boy, who, despite having big hands for his age, had always problems with the official wiimotes. He can now play Lego Lord of the Ring easily. So I recommend this to parents of little gamers.
Final grade: 8.25 / 10

Images source: Official Site http://www.pdp.com/p-1093-my-first-mote-and-4-wii-controller-labels-cars-2.aspx

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