Toca Tea Party [iPad, 2 CHF]

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An app for kids that will be really liked by the younger ones.

Toca Tea Party

It is a game App, but one that also helps with sociability and motor skills, …. there is no violence, rude language, etc., it is perfectly adapted to very young ones.

Coloured graphics, simple and happy, and a very easy and intuitive game. The only default (think of setting the “multiple fingers gestures” to off when your kids play…) is not to be able to “lock” everything else one way or another.

Toca Tea Party Setup Toca Tea Party Game

None, it is not made for that.

Price / In-App buysc
2 CHF (but often at a lowered price) for the app, no in-App games, which is good since it is an app for very young ones.

It is not the only game of that kind by this publisher, but it is the most fun one, I think.

Summing it up
In order to have a few games for the kids on your iPad, I think this App is a good choice.

Publisher: Toca Boca AB
Images source: iPad
iTunes link:

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