Professeur Layton et le Masque des Miracles [3DS/PAL]

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I tested my brand new 3DS with this game. And… well, see for yourself.

Layton et le masque des miracles

The usual Laytons style is back, with the possibility to have 3D backgrounds and scenes. Except it is already useless. Yes, the cinematographic scenes have “flesh”, and the landscapes / items / people have a very nice visual aspect, but this is already done in 2D.
Layton et le Masque des Miracles: Puzzle Layton et le Masque des Miracles: scene
Grade: 7 / 10

I like the music of the Layton series with theme reprisal. The ideas for Layton’s youth are nice too. But nothing absolutely essential.
Grade: 8 / 10

Here is another area with problems. The idea of separating movement and search is good. But in practice, having the movement mode as main, and having to clic and switch each time you want tot talk or explore is not very consistent. Some of the puzzles manipulation is also overcomplicated. On the other hand, it seems to me that handwriting (numbers) recognition got better.
Grade: 7.5 / 10

Length / Sidequests
Nothing bad to say on the topic. The “shopping” quest is fun, it is a bit of a wonky tangram, the quest with the rabbit is way too cute, and the puzzle quantity highly sufficient. With the possibility to answer only a small amount of puzzles to finish the game, it is really adjustable. I would even say that this is one of those few games with the perfect length, neither too long nor too short.
Grade: 9.5 / 10

Story / characters
Without spoiler, the story is the youth of Layton, explained in small episodes, and alternating with “now” scenes. There are links with the previous parts, and recurring humour. Layton, Luke and Emmy are still appealing, and the story is well conceived and coherent.
Grade: 9 / 10

In the end…
I would say it is a game to buy, first because it is a Layton, second because there are not that many 3DS games, and finally because it is a good game, even if not an excellent one. It is only… that it is not a “3D” game at all.
Final grade: 8.2 / 10

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