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This post is here because I have had enough of todo lists on bits of paper, and then in electronic format, that always got lost somewhere or were not near me when I needed them.


Personally, what I like is the portability of the system. Both Apps synchronise with the site, and you can have a “Bookmarklet” in your browser to quickly add tasks on your computer. Something to plan I remember in the bus? Hop, a task through the iPhone. I forgot to update my list of next posts? Quickly, let us correct that from the iPad!

Left is the list of tasks (all or the ones of the chosen folder) with important information, star for special tasks, and the checked sign for finished tasks. Right, the details and notes, and modifications possibilities. Second screenshot, a new task: just give it a title (on one or two lines) and change if necessary other information. You can also have independent notes organised in folders (3rd screenshot). And finally, you can modify many parameters, including reminders and the number on the App’s icon

Toodledo: list Toodledo: add task Toodledo: notes Toodledo: preferences

Toodledo is a bit of a different App, since it is an iPhone and iPad interface for the site, better than you can get through the browser. The great thing is that you can even email or tweet a task! Between that and the site, you should be able to organise your occupation. However, once your iPad or iPhone up to date with Toodledo, no need for a connection, modifications will be done at your next App opening while connected to a network.

Price / In-App buysc
The iPhone-iPad App is 3 CHF, and the basic account at is free. For my use, with notes and all, no need to pay for a Pro subscription. Obviously, if it is for your business and / or collaborative work, think about upgrading
Toodledo Website

I discovered this system through, their article is here: Again, be kind, if you are interested and sign on, please use my referal link:, thank you!

Summing it up
Toodledo does all one can expect of a todo list system, and even more. The App is at a very reasonable price, so I recommend it if like me you need help organising your time.

Publisher: Toodledo
Images source: iPad, MacBook
App link:

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