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Another strange article, are you going to tell me? Yes, but why not.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
With: Shah Rukh Khan: Surinder ‘Suri’ Sahni / Raj Kapoor; Vinay Pathak: Balwinder ‘Bobby’ Khosla; Anushka Sharma: Taani Sahni; …
Summary: Surinder is at his old teacher’s place, teacher whose daughter is going to get married. The eve of the wedding, the fiancé dies in a bus accident. The father has cardiac arrest, and gets his daughter to promise to marry Suri and vice versa. Sad marriage, depressed woman, Suri decides to disguise himself into Raj, with the help of his best buddy Bobby, to get his wife into a dance competition and give her her smile back.
My two words: A nice love story, and a beautifull research of what is true love. – * * * *

Main Hoon Na
With: Shah Rukh Khan: Maj. Ram Prasad Sharma; Sushmita Sen: Chandni Chopra; Sunil Shetty: Raghavan Datta; Zayed Khan: Laxman Prasad Sharma; …
Summary: Ram’s father, high up in the army, is killed during an attack on the TV studios while the general was annoucing that 50 pakistanis were to be freed, and that the peace treaty was going on. On his death bed, he tells Ram about his half-brother. Ram goes then undercover in a high school to protect the general’s daughter and find his half brother.
My two words: A mix between James Bond, High School Musical and True Lies… not so bad, nice fights. – – * * *

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
With: Shah Rukh Khan: Rahul Khanna; Kajol: Anjali Sharma; Rani Mukerji: Tina Malhotra; Farida Jalal: Mrs. Khanna; Sana Saeed: Anjali Khanna; …
Summary: Rahul and Rani get maried, have a daughter, whom Rani calls Anjali, and to whom she makes sure someone will bring a letter at each of her eight first birthdays, before dying. In her 8th letter, Anjali learns all of the person to whom she owes her name, and also that her mum blamed herself to have separated the older Anjali and her dad despite them being childhood friends. She also gets a mission, reunite Anjali, the older one, and her dad, now a widower.
My two words: A bit too naive for my taste, but there is humour, and the management of the story with flashbacks is good. – – – * *

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
With: Shah Rukh Khan: Raj Malhotra; Kajol: Simran Singh; Amrish Puri: Chaudhry Baldev Singh; Farida Jalal: Lajwanti; Anupam Kher: Dharamvir Malhotra; Satish Shah: Ajit Singh; …
Summary: Raj and Simran are two second generation kids having grown up in London. But after a memorable journey in the Swiss Alps (yes, really, shot not far from my home), the two who had met by luck go their own way. Raj continues to have his familly’s money to spend, and Simran will mary the man her dad choose for her, as tradition dictates. But the two fell in love, and will do anything to be together again.
My two words: Well, a longish love story, which is only all right for the landscapes / life / … of canton Bern it shows. – – – * *

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