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So, to go with my iPad, I also got a keyboard for my birthday, a Logitech model Y-R0021.

logitech keyboard

Handling and use
Setting up is extremely simple. Remove the small plastic tags and clears the batteries, go into the iPad preferences to activate the Bluetooth, and pair the keyboard with it, it takes less than a minute. The keyboard had an “iPad button” key, a lock key-combination, as well as various itunes and keyboard combinations. It is really easy for everyone. A little trick: if you have set more than one keyboard (English, French, …), fn + 4 allows to switch in between them (like pressing on the “earth” key on the virtual keyboard).

Size and weight
Very surprisngly, the keys are the same size as the MacBook’s, but the total size of the keyboard is minimalist (thickness barely more than the batteries at the top, a few millimetres at the bottom). At the weighing, sleeve included, it barely reaches the 600 grams! So, a featherweight.

Network, battery and connectivity
The Keyboard is very easy to setup – pair with the iPad, gets in stand-by mode if not used for a while, and has a long battery life (I still have the original ones despite intensive use for exam preparation / note taking). The Bluetooth does not seem to suffer from interferences, and works well.

Use, Apps, accessories, …
The ultimate accessory, the keyboard sleeve-ipad stand is in the package you buy. The idea is great, and if like me you do not want to take your keyboard with you systematically, it is genius (if you always want it with the iPad, choose the cover-keyboard… Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio ou Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover).

In the end…
Add it to your wishlist at once except if you prefer the keyboard-sleeve.
Final grade: 9 / 10

Images source: Official Site http://www.logitech.com/fr-ch/tablet-accessories/keyboards/tablet-keyboard-ipad

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2 Responses to “Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad”

  1. Merci pour ce test !

    Après essayage du clavier d’Anubis, il s’avère que le gros rebord en alu tout autour gêne un peu la frappe, donc je ne prendrai pas le même que le sien.
    Par contre, les deux autres que tu cites en fin d’article me semblent très intéressants…. idée à creuser !

    Surtout qu’avec un iPad, je me ferai plus iech à devoir choisir entre pouvoir taper du texte ou écrire des lettres grecques / faire des schémas. Avec un stylet à disposition, je pourrais tout faire. 😀

  2. Héhé 😛 Il y a même la possibilité si tu maîtrise le fn+4 de switcher très vite entre claviers et d’activer le grec 🙂 Et oui, vraiment, à l’usage, le Logitech est classe. Et regarde dans les magasins à Fribourg Centre, y’en a deux qui font régulièrement des actions sur les Logitech…

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