Pocha Groupe: La Poursuite

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Yes, I know, you must be wondering: what am I doing suddenly, criticising theatre?

The few information I got tell me Pocha Groupe is a Korean troup, created in February 2008, and composed by Seong-Jung Byeon, Jeong-Bae Song and Jun Kim. Their art is at the crossroads between Cirque de Pékin, Bronx Drums, and French comic films.

Their piece, The Chaser, was broadcasted in Multiscenik on France Ô, and probably on Pluzz (who is annoyed with me for not being in France).

Without words, just with sounds, gestures, … The Chasers tells the story playing more or less loosely with the plot “Secret documents stolen by two individuals in black, pursued by a… detective”. It uses comic scenes like clowns but funnier and sympathetic, moments of music that may remind you of a Kitano film, and moments almost of magic. The set is very bare, as are accessories, and still they make tons out of it.

I definitely recommend this play, even if I could only watch it on TV. If they come in your area, wave me!

Go see the trailler: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnhd8f_la-poursuite-the-chaser-trailer-mov_creation

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3 Responses to “Pocha Groupe: La Poursuite”

  1. That does sound like a special show. I’d be surprised if it came where I could see it, tho. Honolulu they might might do if they happen to be heading home across the Pacific, but not so many shows stop in Hilo. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Yeah, well, for what I found, they had it in a handful of selected locations in France / Belgium, ALL of them alternative / selected theatre festival. So I am not sure they will come back around here either…

  3. That sometimes happens. I’m glad you got to see them when you did. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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