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Having bought the fourth Thursday Next volume second hand, reading the summary and extract of the first one sent me to get the first volume…

Thursday Next (The Eyre Affair – Lost in a Good Book – The Well of Lost Plots – Something Rotten – First Among Sequels – One of our Thursdays is Missing) A very good mix of detective stories, literary humour and references, science-fiction, and fantasy (alternative realities). Set in an Uchrony where there is a literary brigade in the police, dealing with literary crimes, obviously, this series is equally recommended to literary students, geeks, SF fans, crime fiction readers, … In the first book, Thursday Next, a female inspector of the literary brigade and war veteran, discovers that someone is trying to mess with Jane Eyre. Yes. The book. And for her it all goes downwards from there.

The Last Dragonslayer (The Last Dragonslayer – The Song of the Quarkbeast) Jennifer Strange has to do all the work at the Kazam employment agency for magicians, since said Kazam is missing. Yet she is only 15 years old. Because of rumours about the possible death of the last Dragon, she goes looking for the last Dragonslayer, and becomes unwillingly his apprentice. As if she had not already enough to do… Set in a parallel contemporary reality where magic is real, and dragons too.

Official: http://www.jasperfforde.com/ [EN]
Other official: http://www.thursdaynext.com/ [EN]

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  1. I found this blog. It looks interesting. I’m curious about the games, but I haven’t tried any of this type yet, let alone these particular ones. {Smile}

  2. Hey, hey, welcome here, I’m happy you did not get lost on the way! You’ll see that I do like one type of games more than other, RPGs, because… well, it’s almost like playing a book? 😉 Anyhow, have fun reading!

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