Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light [NDS/PAL]

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Started during my pregnancy, this Final Fantasy spin-off deserves a look.

Yes, the graphics are “childish”, yes, it is sweet, yes, it is not highly detailed graphics for hard RPG and such. It is a choice, and I find it cute, and not at odds with the story.

Grade: 8 / 10

It is a Final Fantasy spin off, so the music keeps known themes, or at least a style (is there a Final Fantasy “style” for the music? You could almost say so).
Grade: 8 / 10

Turn based combat with six “movements” available at most and a small reserve of action points coming back sooner or later, and the other interactions are classical. Only the hat system with the crystals is a bit different from other FF (despite a light similarity with FF VII). The quantity of items is limited but you can stock them in towns and cities.

Grade: 8 / 10

Length / Sidequests
I thought I was far along the story when I had my “hospital break”, but thinking about it, I realised I had only seen 5 towns/cities, and that I did not even have one third of the hats, so I think there is still a lot to play. There are side quests (find all hidden items in the cities, …) and I think the game may even have a replay value.
Grade: 8 / 10

Story / characters
The characters are a bit archetypal, and the fact that names can be changed does not help, but the story, rather classical at first sight, is a bit different: when the hero Brandt comes back after having defeated the monster, it is a disaster that he finds home. And it continues so, each time you think you went forward on the plot, a treacherous hit makes you look for a new way.
Grade: 8 / 10

In the end…
A good surprise for FF fans who do not stop at graphics. Funny little thing: I named the fourth character Emilie one week before the birth of our daughter, while I did not know if it would be a boy or a girl.
Final grade: 8 / 10

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