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[EDIT: Getting this post up because of the death of DW Jones] All right, I am going to write down a few reading ideas, here, grouped by author… Here are the first. The author is Diana Wynne Jones, you know her if you saw the most recent Miyazaki, “The Moving Castle“. And yes, it is based on one of her books, “Howl’s Moving Castle“.

The merlin conspiracy: Two stories, on one side the young Roddy and her friend Grundo, both following the King’s Progress on Blest, and on the other side Nick Mallory’s story, a young man from Earth, and Romanov’s, too, a powerfull magician. The two stories seem unconnected and happen in two different places, but the truth is that in this group of universes, everything is intertwined, and when Roddy and Grundo discover a conspiracy, it is Nick they ask for help, and so as well to Romanov.

The Dalemark Quartet: (Cart and Cwidder – Drowned Ammet – The Spellcoats – The Crown of Dalemark) In the realm of Dalemark, everything is very wrong, since a tyrant has the power. A few resist, other live despite the bad situation. Clennen the singer seems to be of the second category, apparently at least. With his wife and children, he journeys through the realm, presenting his show, and also being a messenger for everyone. Could some messages be dangerous, more dangerous than weapons ?

Chrestomanci: (The Lives of Christopher Chant – Charmed Life – Witch Week – The Magicians of Caprona – Mixed Magic; A few novels more difficult to find) All these books are about the theme of the Enchanter Chrestomanci, a kind of “controler” of magic, who has 9 lives, and both of his past lives and past “missions” he had, as well as about the people who are / were the Chrestomanci.

Fire and Hemlock: Polly is a teenager with a problem. She seems to have two “sets” of memories of her past. One implies a strange painting and a man named Tom Lynn, with whom she has / had epistolary exchange about the mysterious story of Mr. Piper. The other is… rather dull, even dreary. But which is the right one ? And where does the second come from ?

Hexwood: Hexwood Farm is a group of strange buildings, with machines that are at least as unusual. And when one of these machines begins to work anormaly, it is logical that the surrounding woods are the first tainted by the anomalies, isn’t it ? In the woods, Mordion, Ann, and a very strange child named Hume will meet really unsympathetic men called Controlers and Reigners.

Derkholm: (Dark lord of Derkholm – Year of the Griffin) I have only read the second one since my orders did not arrive 😉 But this volume alone is beautiful, with magician, an university, griffins (no I am not looking at someone), etc etc etc… A must read.

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  1. Tiens, des choses intéressantes en vue! 😛

  2. quand j’étais pitite mon livre préféré était “ma soeur est une sorcière” de diana wynne jones mais je ne sais pas quoi correspond le titre en anglais, c’est une des histoires avec chrestomanci.

  3. Charmed Life, normalement. Lifes of Christopher Chant raconte la jeunesse du Chrestomanci que tu retrouve dans Charmed Life. Witch Wee et The Magicians of Caprona une de ses “missions” chacun, et Mixed Magic une aventure de Chat (heu… le perso principal de Charmed Life) et d’un perso des Magicians of Caprona. Et franchement, c’est pas très dur à lire en anglais, c’est pas de la littérature compliquée 😉

  4. c’est pas de les lire en anglais qui me fait peur, c’est surtout le prix des bouquins en VO, lol…

  5. ça c’est clair… quand je vais en Angleterre, je reviens avec des tonnes de lecture ^^;

  6. Merci, une auteure que j’apprécie beaucoup moi aussi!

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