Eternal Sonata [XBox360/PAL]

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Second hand buy, this game is a good investment, except for the ambisenestrous that I am.

Graphically beautiful, even perhaps a bit too heavily ornate, Eternal Sonata also uses archival images. But both for animations and places to visit, it is very nice to the eye.

Grade: 8 / 10

A beautiful music, one of those games where you will not turn off sound from the beginning to the end. With Chopin inside, naturally.
Grade: 9 / 10

There is the rub. The principle of a different attack if the character is in the light or not is excellent. The combat system is basically very well. But as soon as you level up, so does the combat system. And with no possibility to go back or to choose “semi-active”. After a very short gaming time, I began getting killed repeatedly by weak monsters simply because I was not precise / coordinated enough.

Grade: 5 / 10

Length / Sidequests
I did not get very far, but the game seems long enough and valid for that matter.
Grade: 7 / 10

Story / characters
It is a game working on the opposition dream/reality and light/dark, while retracing Frederic Chopin’s life (the game begins when he is on his deathbed). The character ideas are good, and well created, and the story seems coherent so far.
Grade: 8 / 10

In the end…
A game for people who like classical music, history, … and have gifted hands.
Final grade: 7.4 / 10

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  1. Un très bon jeu, j’ai bien aimé. C’est vrai que le système de combat est un peu particulier, d’ailleurs il est difficilement possible de reprendre une partie après l’avoir laissée trop longtemps de côté.

    Par contre, si vous avez l’habitude de juste finir le scénario principal et que vous courrez après les succès, passez votre chemin, le scénario principal donne environ 120 points de succès, pour le reste il faut du courage.

    Note: ce jeu à l’avantage d’avoir un très bon rendu sur un téléviseur non-HD, ce qui est de loin pas le cas de tous.

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