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I update this article due to my shopping and reading…

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – Tears Of The Giraffe – Morality for Beautiful Girls – The Kalahari Typing School for Men – The Full Cupboard of Life – In The Company of Cheerful Ladies – Blue Shoes and Happiness – The Good Husband of Zebra Drive – The Miracle at Speedy Motors – Tea Time for the Traditionally Built) Very good detective stories, though I would not recommend these to the faint of heart, taking place in South Africa. Mma Ramotswane opens indeed the first detective agency run by women in the whole of South Africa. She finds missing people, helps people in difficulty, and above all, drinks bush tea (roibos). A dive in the authentic Botswana.

Sunday Philosophx Club (Isabel Dalhousie) (The Sunday Philosophy Club – Friends, Lovers, Chocolate – The Right Attitude to Rain – The Careful Use of Compliments – The Comfort of Saturdays – The Lost Art of Gratitude) A detective story too, but a bit different. If Nr1 is a series that gives a large space to life lessons and country ambiance, Sunday Philosophy Club mixes philosophy and life in Edinburgh. Isabel Dalhousie has a quiet life, editor of a philosophy review, and it is because of her philosophy and morals that she tries to solve mysteries.

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