Jonathan Creek

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Stories of magicians, sealed rooms, mysteries… and humour!

A BBC series that fits both in Comedy and Detective styles, where you can surprisingly find actors like Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Bill Bailey, Anthony Head, and so on.
Written by: David Renwick
Director: Marcus Mortimer

Alan Davies: Jonathan Creek
Caroline Quentin: Maddy Magellan
Anthony Head (1 episode), then Stuart Milligan: Adam Klaus


Madeline Magellan, investigation journalist, is called by a burglar who affirms that the thieving and murder accusation on him is wrong. She quickly realises that in fact, the police has the wrong culprit, but cannot understand how the person she suspects, the victim’s wife, could come out of her office unnoticed. During her inquiry, she meety Jonathan Creek and decides to ask for his help as an expert of impossible things…

Jonathan Creek is an inventor of many magic acts for several “famous” artists, the man behind all the mad tricks but is not interested (and even refuses) to be on the stage. Timid and uneasy in love and romance, he is a genius. He is often wearing a Trench-Coat, and has long curly hair. Maddy is brilliant but unappreciated by editors. She always manages to get in places were a good investigation is needed, and has a slightly shady reputation… Adam Klaus is Jonathan’s “boss”, a magician comfortable on stage and anywhere he can make conquests (love ones, naturally).

My advice
Loaded at the same time with British humour, life stories and a very good detective story with intricate plots, Jonathan Creek is often broadcast as a repeat on the BBC Entertainment (after several showings on BBC channels and on France 4). The series ends after the fourth season, because of a drop in the audience at the main actress change, but a new Christmas Special could be watched in 2008 and an Easter Special is programmed for April 2010.

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