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I know, I know, one more detective series. What do you expect? I am a fan, after all.

Detective stories for the BBC, adapted from books, unfortunately there are only 8 stories (of two episodes each)
Written by: John Hawksworth, Jill Hyem, Elaine Morgan, Jeremy Paul, Alan Plater, Brian Thompson, from the stories by Margery Allingham
Directors: Martyn Friend, Robert Chetwyn, Ken Hannam, Christopher Hodson, Michael Owen Morris, Robert Tronson, Ronald Wilson

Cast (recuring characters)
Peter Davison: Albert Campion
Brian Glover: Magersfontein Lugg
Andrew Burt: DI / DCI Oates

Campion and Oates working

Albert Campion (pseudonym) is a British detective of wealthy background, taking care of any investigation concerning his friends or not directly interesting the police force, though with very good contacts with this one and particularly with his friend Oates. Helped by his butler Lugg, a former gangster, Campion however does not look dangerous at all: thin, glasses, dressed very cleanly and smart, he seems to be a simpleton. And yet, he shows very quickly but discreetly impressive capacities of deduction, is athletic, and can defend himself.

My advice
A detective series set around 1930, with two excellent actors perfect in their roles for the main characters, what else could one ask for ? Stories are nice though sometime a little bit far fetched, eight 100 minutes investigations, British humour on top of that.

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