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BBC4 broadcasts Wallander, a detective series, in its original swedish version, with subtitles.

Wallander et Linda

A series made in Sweden and in Swedish, subtitled for the BBC and broadcasted in parallel with the new series (with Kenneth Brannagh). It seems that Paris Première did offer an original version with French subtitles.
Created by Henning Mankell, Petra Revenue
Written from the detective stories of Henning Mankell
Director: Stephan Apelgren

Krister Henriksson: Kurt Wallander, the chief inspector around whom all the series revolves, who had alcohol problems amongst other things (see picture above)
Johanna Sällström: Linda Wallander, Wallander’s daughter, policewoman (see picture above)
Mats Bergman: Nyberg, Forensic Technician, often a bit strange
Stina Ekblad: Karin Linder, the pathologist
Fredrik Gunnarsson: Svartman, one of the inspectors under Wallander’s orders
Ola Rapace: Stefan Lindman, one of the inspectors
Douglas Johansson: Martinsson, one of the inspectors
Marianne Mörck: Ebba, receptionist/phone hostess of the police station
Göran Aronsson: Grönqvist

Police Ystad
Linda Stefan

Ystad, small coastal city of the south Sweden, has a police station were the main (though not commanding) officer is Wallander, a very good policeman who had / has problems (alcohol, relationship with his daughter, …). In the first episode, Wallander is looking for a sadistic killer while his daughter Linda integrates the same police station he works in. In the second episode, a strange hostage-taker explodes a bomb with esoteric symbols. And in the third episode, murders happen during a military parade, and Wallander suspects three missing conscripts to have something to do with the crimes (the country is neutral, though member of the EU, and still has an army).

My advice
Interesting scenarios, even if sometimes a bit “deja vu”, conveying rather well the atmosphere of Sweden and its mechanisms Wallander’s character is extremely well played, the tortured side, the incapacity to have anything like a normal relationship with his daughter, and so on. It is contemporary police stories with rhythm and punch. It is even better than the Branagh version.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00g2zsj (BBC4) [EN]
http://www.inspector-wallander.org/ [EN]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UweELQNzeic [SU]
http://www.visitsweden.com/suede/Destinations/Le-sud-de-la-Suede/Culture/Ystad–Kurt-Wallander/ [FR]

(Images source: BBC / inspector-wallander.org)

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