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I liked them and even Olivier did read them, which is not a small thing ^^;

Wielstadt: (Les Ombres de Wielstadt- Les Masques de Wielstadt – Le Chevalier de Wielstadt) The story of Kantz, exorcist and knight, in the city of Wielstadt, in 1620, who finds himself in a struggle of power who seems even to have surnatural links. The dragon protecting the city even reacted… And Kantz never let his friends down, wathever the reason and the person of the one hunting them.

Ambremer: (Les enchantements d’Ambremer – L’élixir d’oubli) Louis Denizart Hyppolyte Griffont is a mage of the Cyan Circle. Some people ask him for help as councellor, in this Paris of the “Belle Epoque” where fantastical creatures can be found near the Seine, and where winged cats fly around a perfect white wood Eiffel Tower. Between a cheater using magic in a nearby gaming circle and a long time friend asking him to help getting a book not so difficult to getr, Louis Griffont feels like things are far more complicated and moving than they seem.

Les lames du Cardinal: (Les lames du Cardinal) Take the story after The Queen’s Diamonds, add dragons, switch for the point of view of the Cardinal’s side, and you will have the beginning of the story. But it does not stop here, with a Cardinal as politician and crafty as always, and soldiers a bit distraught.

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5 Responses to “Pierre Pevel”

  1. Ho ben tiens, j’ai acheté hier “Le Chevalier de Wielstadt”, le troisième opus des aventures du Chevalier Kantz….

  2. Les ombres de Wielstadt c’est pas ce que tu avais acheté à Metz? ^__^

  3. non, c’est les enchantements d’Ambremer… que j’ai trouvé à la Fnac de Metz 😛

  4. Ah.. il me semblait o_O Ou alors tu le lisais quand tu étais ici??

  5. Mmh… non, mais on l’a vu à la Fnac aussi ^^;

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