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I think it is Anubis who first told me about Braid, “download the demo game, I think you will like it…”, but I was also told by other people “you will see, it is finally a platform game in which you might succeed” (sic). Thanks for the trust! Anyway, I tried the demo, and bought the whole game at the end of it.

Ecran titre

Though special, in an impressionist painting style, the graphics are absolutely beautifull. Changing with the movements, and with the rewind (see gameplay), the game manages to be both fine and cute.
Grade: 9.5 / 10

As for the settings, the music is beautiful, and what is more, IS PLAYED BACKWARDS DURING REWINDS! This is totally hallucinating.
Grade: 9 / 10

I was worried that for such a game, the commands would cause problems. In the end, it did not, it is 95% of reflection and less than 5% of skill. Jump is A, rewind is X, some other possible things later in the game with Y, and the movement with the left stick. You can speed up or down the rewind with LB and RB. Placing the pièces in the painting is done with the stick and LB/RB. The idea is simple: you play as in a platform game, each level has one or more puzzle pieces to collect, but to do that, you have to use the “monsters”, levers, mobile platforms, … and ESPECIALLY the rewind of the game: as soon as and as long as you use X, the game rewinds, and everything goes backwards. So when you fall in a bad place or get killed, you just use it to go back to a safe moment ! On the images below, you see the rewind (yes, it is a bit more eloquent in the video presentations than in a screenshot) and the atemporal platforms / items (greenish sparkling light, not concerned by the rewind).
Grade: 8.5 / 10

Length / Sidequests
The game (which I have not finish yet) has at least 5 puzzles / levels to solve, and there seems to be “victories” for going through a whole level, for solving a whole puzzle, and for doing it in a record time (and maybe more).
Grade: 8 / 10

Story / characters
It is amusing, the story is rather original and abundant. And there are veiled references… “The princess is in another castle”, savagely attacking rabbits and a main character called… Tim?
Grade: 9 / 10

In the end…
The only things that could have stopped me were the price (use a credit cards for the points, it is more advantageous) and the fact that it is on xbox Live, so on the hard disk, and not on a CD-rom, I would rather have bought a copy in a box. Apart from that, it is must have.
Final grade: 8.8 / 10


(Image source: Official Site)

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