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She is the writer on whose novels the whole True Blood TV Series by HBO is based

Sookie Stackhouse Novels or Southern Vampire Mysteries (Dead Until Dark – Living Dead in Dallas – Club Dead – Dead to the World – Dead as a Doornail – Definitely Dead – All Together Dead – From Dead to Worse – Dead and Gone – Dead in the Familly – …) Sookie Stackhouse is 26 and is waitress in a local bar in Bon Temps. She has a brother, Jason, and lives with her grandmother Adele. Everything would be fine if the summary was finished here, but alas Sookie is a telepath, and must make efforts not to “hear” the customer’s thoughts, and she is single. Vampires are humans victim of an illness that can feed on artifical blood, such as the blood sold in every place where you find beverages (including the bar where Sookie works) and she falls in love with a vampire who came as a customer, Bill Compton. When several young women are killed, apparently by vampires, Sookie has to lead her own inquiry, especially since Bill and Jason are successively under supsicion from the police. But the vampire’s world is very dangerous, even if Bill does his best to protect her.

My advice
It is a bit of Romance (think Harlequin), a lot of fantasy (think vampires / surnatural but contemporary), a lot of detective work (think detective novel), and a pinch of humour. Though it is more for adults (there is a bit of sex and violent or crude scenes), it is neither gory or X rate. Easy to read, I liked it. My problem lies with the series, when I watched the beginning of True Blood. Yes, I can see how some characters (Sookie especially) were used, some situations / plots, but the writer of the series deliberately turned it into a “sex violence blood and a bit of action” thing. I find that it is a pity that he did so, and I must admit (but perhaps because I read first and watched only later) I can not appreciate this series at all.

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