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France 4 broadcasts a series… with super heroes, coming from Comédie ! from a guy you know already if you like / followed Kaamelott…

Hero Corp Cast

A series realised by Simon Astier (Alexandre’s brother, playing Yvain), written by him and Xavier Matthieu, produced by Jean-Yves Robin, for CALT Production (caméra café, Kaamelott), broadcasted on Comédie !, and now France 4.

Cast (partial)
Simon Astier: John “Bouclier Man”
Agnès Boury: Mary “Rennaissance”, John’s aunt
Christian Bujeau: Ethan “The Lord”, the big baddie

John learns that his aunt died, and goes in her village, a small place in Lozère, where people are… strange. Not only do they hide something, they seem to try to force him to stay. He discovers finally that his aunt is not really dead, that all the inhabitants or almost are super heroes, and that he is there to help fight “The Lord”, a big bad super hero who had supposedly disappeared.

My advice
In the Astier familly, humour is in the genetic pool. Grand dialogues, a series mocking super heroes clichés, a story that still is worth something. What do people want ? At least, I was laughing a lot watching that…

Official site: http://www.france4.fr/hero-corp/
Fan site: http://www.herocorpfrance.com/
Teaser [Fr]: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7544q_hero-corp-teaser_fun

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