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A series of contemporary vampires stories a bit different…

Small warning: books for adults !

Betsy the Vampire Queen (Undead and Unwed – Undead and Unemployed – Undead and Unappreciated – Undead and Unreturnable – Undead and Unpopular – Undead and Uneasy – Undead and Unworthy – Undead and Unwelcome) Betsy Taylor wakes up on the morgue’s table, with old shoes from her step-mother, which angers her. After a while, and a confrontation a bit rough with her step-mother and with two vampires of the place, she realises she is now a vampire, although a strange one: unaffected by the sun, cross/churches/blessed water/… It is a bit The Devil wears Prada meets Dracula meets Gone with the Wind meets Sex in the City. Anyhow, it is very funny, and it is the first time that reading Romance does not nauseate me…


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