Après l’incendie du serveur… (Mis à jour)

20.20.2009 @ 14:28:29 | Midori  |   français

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The blog gets cut in two to be better… Little UP for some updates…

Some people are stealing pictures or event hotlinking (using a picture from here without placing it on their server or an image server). I am going to put a protection against that, and people still doing it will have a big ugly pic’ instead… If you post on a regular basis on a board and want your pics from here to appear there, you have to tell me the address… Obviously, I already set http://doctorwho.xooit.fr/, http://www.terres-odyssey.com and http://www.organisationtressecrete.com as authorised… 🙂

I set up a few plugins and things… if it is not working for you, do not hesitate tot ell me! Same if something useful seems to be missing!

Here the summaries, critics, .. of films, books, music and such. To simplify things to visitors,use the title of the film/game or the name of the author as post title, thank you.

DO NOT CREATE CATEGORIES! Ask if there is something missing.

In the Carnets de Mido, http://www.loutan.net/carnets/, everything ephemeral, moods, calendar events, …

There is still a bit of cleaning to do, as well as page (re)setting, which will be done in the coming days (or weeks). Oh, and re-attributing authors that were eaten T_T

By the way, this post may autodestruct itself in a while… 😉

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3 Responses to “Après l’incendie du serveur… (Mis à jour)”

  1. Merci Mido pour la remise en service 😉 !

  2. De nada…. comme je l’ai dit, il y a encore des problèmes de “propriétaires”. Si tu repère des posts “à toi” qui sont sous un autre nom, signale-les moi…

  3. Bon, ben les balises de commentaires ça marche à moitié

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