Nina Tonnerre

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Here is a (“belgian”) comic for SF / Fantasy / Video Games / … and humour fans

Cover of the second volume
Nina Tonnerre 2

One joke:
Nina Tonnerre Strip 22

Nina is a young girl who has difficulties with everyday life, but it is necessary to add that circumstances do not help: overactive imagination, loves the topics cited above, has an alien (like… not from Earth) in her class, can not decide what she wants to do for a job, … There are many references to movies, books and others, and it is worthwile to buy them. Two volumes are available: le trio de l’Apocalypse and La tête dans les étoiles.

Official site:

Here is the result on this blog, anyhow…

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  1. Okay, je n’étais que moyennement convaincue, jusqu’à ce que je voie le strip N°13 :-D.

  2. j ai lu les deux ces trop cool j adore ses livres j attend la nouvelle colection
    enfin si il y en a respère bien

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