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France 3 broadcasts a rather nice detective series, Murdoch Mysteries, from Citytv.


A serie already in its second season, from and for Citytv (Canada).
Created by Scott Garvie, Noel Hedges, Cal Coons and Christina Jennings
Written from the detective stories of Maureen Jennings

Cast (in the order of the image above)
Thomas Craig: Inspector Brackenried, Murdoch’s boss, the typical choleric Irish migrant
Yannick Bisson: Inspector William Murdoch*
Hélène Joy: Julia Ogden, the female forensic dr
Jonny Harris: George Crabtree, the constable helping inspector Murdoch in his enquiries

* remember that at the time Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, headed by her majesty Victoria of England (if I am correct in my time evaluation), and so judiciary, police and other systems are copied on England…

Murdoch is a Catholic policeman in a protestant Toronto. Always well dressed, polite language, using a bicycle to move, he uses for his enquiries rather modern methods (digital prints, bullets comparison, …). The investigations give a good idea of Toronto life before 1900.

My advice
Nice scenarios, including allusions to events of that time (a visit from A.C. Doyle), original characters (Crabtree is a better policeman than he looks like), advanced methods (he even makes a metal detector for Dr. Joy for when she tries to locate bullets in bodies), etc… without causing headaches or psychotic fits. I really like it.

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