Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles: My life as a king (Wii / All)

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I could not resist, and got myself that game with wii points…
It is a wiiware game, so you have to download it, and it costs 1500 points for the game itself.

Well, it uses the luminous and attractive landscapes of FFCC, but improving them. But it is limited to the city you build, which is a bit silly. On the other hand, the characters are very cute.
Grade: 8 / 10

Nice music, but a bit limited too, though it stays in the Final Fantasy line and style.
Grade: 8 / 10

Very easy, you only have to choose where to build and to scroll down the menu to the desired building. If there is more than one possibility, you can choose in which direction the building should face. As for adventurers, to get them to visit dungeons, and so on, it is also a system of menus, and talking with the characters (move with the joystick, go next to the character, press A). The player does not see what happens inside the dungeons, he only gets a summary the “next day”. It is not a RPG, but more a game in the style of Mysims, coupled with a gestion game.
Grade: 9 / 10

Length / Sidequests
The game itself seems reasonably long, but there are no real sidequests basically. On the other hand, it will be possible to get new buildings, characters, costumes, and so on, but it will be by paying wii points. Which is why I am grading it so low, because paying again … does bother me a bit for a game like that.
Grade: 6 / 10

Story / characters
Following FFCC, a king offered to his son a place without the miasma where he will be able to rebuild the kingdom. The new little king is accompagned by the chancelor Chime and the knight Hugh Yurg, and as you build new houses, inhabitants appear. That is all the stoy, but again, this is not a rpg. I find the characters likeable and funny.
Grade: 8.5 / 10

In the end…
This game will not appeal to everyone, but a the price of the wii points card, this game is only around 30 CHF. Which is for me a positiv point to take in account.
Final grade: 7.9 / 10

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  1. Merci pour ce petit test, c’est ce que j’avais cru comprendre pour acheter de nouvelles maisons etc et je trouve qu’au final fait “cher” pour si peu. Dans le même genre y a MySims et ce sans doute plus complet je dirais niveau contenu pour 79.- environ et ce une unique fois.

    Enfin faudra que je le test chez quelqu’un une fois avant de me décider réellement à le prendre ou non car ton test, hors le fait de sa beauté, me semble un peu limité.

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