Philip Pullman

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One of the first “non scholar” book I bought at Stauffacher, I took it off the shelf again since they made a movie out of it, that should be soon on our screens (thank you Alis for the information 🙂 )

His Dark Material (Northern Lights – The Subtle Knife – The Amber Spyglass / Lyra’s Oxford – The Science of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials): The story begins in an academic Oxford very different from the one we know. Humans all have a “daemon”, a kind of totem spirit animal or external soul part. When with children, he can transform, and stabilises into a unique animal shape when with an adult. A daemon always goes with his human, who is in great danger of mind damage if the daemon is kept away by force, mistreated or worse, separated (which even brings the human to death). Lyra is brought up in Oxford with her daemon Pantalaimon, because her parents disappeared in an accident. The scholars take care of her education, and the sometimes receives the visit of Lord Asriel, her uncle. Things with change for her when she saves Lord Asriel’s life by preventing him to drink a poisoned wine, is then transferred to Mrs Coulter’s responsibility, and when she receives from the University’s Master a mysterious tool, an Alethiometer.


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  1. Après une longue réflexion (si si), je suis en train de me dire que les associations qui ont “flagellé” Harry Potter vont être encore plus contre ce film / livres -_- L’auteur émet des hypothèses / fait une réflexion sur l’âme, …

  2. Ca a l’air potentiellement sympa comme film. Faudra voir…

  3. Arte va diffuser l’autre série tirée de Pullman, “Sally Lockhart”, le 20 juin 2008 à 21:00. Sur leur site:,broadcastingNum=893385,day=7,week=25,year=2008.html
    A noter: le rôle titre est tenu par Billie Piper que certains d’entre vous ont déjà croisé dans “Doctor Who” (Rose Tyler)

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