John Howe, le retour de la vengeance du…. heu…

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It is in Saint-Ursane, in the Swiss Jura, and the exposition will benefit of the presence of Howe himself several times, but also of Alan Lee…

The famous Tolkien illustrator and Conceptual artist of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is no stranger to St-Ursanne. Occasional visits have inspired many of his drawings, including the one of the medieval Saint Jean bridge.

It was inevitable that this attraction for the medieval city give rise to an ambitious project. The initiative did not come from the artist himself. The discovery, purely by chance, of this enigmatic illustration via the internet convinced Ursinia to track down the man behind the picture. We were not searching for a big name to draw crowds, but following the trail of a series of coincidences and encounters. The initial artistic spontaneity of this approach makes “John Howe 2007” an even more compelling and credible project.

“Saint-Ursanne La Fantastique» awaits you in summer 2007: an exclusive exhibition of John Howe paintings in the cloisters and cellar gallery, fantastical installations all around the city, classical and Celtic concerts, medieval festivities, encounters around J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels, documentaries and evening cinema in the reconverted factory “Fours à Chaux”.

Be prepared to meet myths, legends, elves and dragons. Sorcerers and magicians will take you on on a tour of the world of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Complete program of events:
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4 Responses to “John Howe, le retour de la vengeance du…. heu…”

  1. je préfère cent mille milliards de fois John Howe à Alan Lee. Quel dommage que la Suisse soit si loin et si proche à la fois.

  2. Et pour ceusses qui veulent entendre sa voix et son humour, écoutez les enregistrement des dicodeurs

  3. T’as fumé quoi, toi ?? Enfin bref, ouais, pour les dicodeurs en question, c’est ici:

  4. Je ne fume pas moi madame, mais j’ai bien ri quand même! tsssss

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