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11.11.2007 @ 22:08:09 | Midori  |   français

Exceptionnaly, this post will not be available in French, since the book will not be translated (it would have no sense).

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: If you ever thought grammar was boring, this book is for you! I was doubling up with laughter after only a few pages. The author proclaims herself a “stickler for grammar”, but provides us with such funny examples that you cannot resist for long the appeal of grammar 😉 The title “Eats, Shoots & Leaves” refers to the Panda entry in a wild life documentary book, and you can imagine it using a gun instead of calmly eating shoots and leaves. To make it short, this book is all about learning grammar without being bored and understanding the importance of ‘s and ,s without headache. Whether you are a foreign learner of English or a native of an Anglo-Saxon place, just try it!

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