Grandia III (PS2 / US)

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Again, a game that is not very new, but to which giving some attention is a good idea.
Grandia III

After I had Final Fantasy XII and Magna Carta in my PS2, it was a shock, it is far more “childish” in matters of design, and more friendly”, if you accept the expression. Which does not mean it is bad, simply different. But it is first class design in the Grandia style, light fantasy, for sure.
Grade: 8.5 / 10

Nice music, including the battle theme that succeeds in being energical without bein stressfull and sad. There is only the desert village’s music that leaves me uneasy
Grade: 9 / 10

The game is both simple and complex. Easy, because it is sufficient to follow the game’s information (direct “in game” help if you want it). Complex, because the combat system is very advanced. No necessity to be good with your hands, but thinking a bit can help a lot. There is a “timer” ring were players indicators are on the inside and monsters on the outside. When one reaches the “com” zone, a command must be introduced (monsters do that themselves, logical), that will take effect when the marker will reach the other side of the “com” zone, more or less quickly. Some actions can stop, slow or move the adverse progression. Using that well, it is possible to avoid a majority of the strong averse attacks. For the rest, it is through simple menu. It is just better not to forget equipping the magics and technics, which can only be done in shops and save points.
Grade: 9.5 / 10
Combat Choix d'action / Action choice

Length / Sidequests
Two DVDs leave us thinking there will be a long gaming time… Even if in my humble opinion, you get more than once in some place. As for secondary quests, there are all the mana eggs to do, getting as much money as possible from the casino, and certainly other I have not yet discovered.
Grade: 8.5 / 10

Story / characters
Sorry for Raton, but the starting village does not burn down to the ground, nor does the following city. You have to wait a good while before a place is destructed, and even there, it is more by a kind of evil giant plant that by fire! The story is sometimes a bit difficult to follow, but coherent. As for the characters, they are originals: Yuki only dreams to have is own plane, Ulf is a… dog ? And Alonso the pirate is a… err… something. Ah, and do not tell me Alfina is not an elf…
Grade: 8.5 / 10

In the end…
Just stop arguing and get it, ok ? 😉 No, I am not joking… or only half.
Final grade: 8.8 / 10

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  1. J’aimerais bien continuer ma partie chez Kosmos, quand même… Ca me frustre que ce Grandia-là ne soit pas sorti en PAL. Grumf. Moi qui étais persuadée que via Square-Enix, on aurait encore plus de chances de l’avoir… Mais bref.

    En tant que fan de la série (enfin, de la série “officielle”, car j’ai pas joué à Parallel Trippers ni à X-treme), je dois dire que je suis plutôt satisfaite du peu que j’ai eu l’occasion de voir. Que faut-il pour faire un bon Grandia? Un système de combat en béton armé: check. Une bande son signée Noriyuki Iwadare: check (quoique je préfère toujours celle du premier Grandia, cette OST-ci est vraiment très bien ^^). Un système de gestion de persos et de magie efficace et fun: check (oeuf mana, le retour de la vengeance ^^). Des graphismes légers, au couleurs chatoyantes, et une ambiance visuelle de type “anime”: check. Bon bin, on a à peu près tout, il me semble. Il manque juste Leen, quoi. 🙂

    Blague à part, ce jeu se veut “retour aux sources”. De ce que j’ai pu voir, il est bien plus dans l’esprit du premier Grandia que du deuxième. Donc ceux qui, comme certains zoziaux de ma connaissance (je sors :P), n’ont pas aimé le côté dark de Grandia II devraient apprécier ce troisième volet. Mention spéciale pour les graphismes, quand même… Je suis restée plantée au beau milieu du décor pendant cinq bonnes minutes juste pour regarder le paysage, tellement c’était joli. 😀 Comme l’a dit Mido, c’est très bon enfant (je dirais “anime” en fait), mais les décors sont néanmoins magnifiques. ^^

    Je pense que ceux qui jouissent du privilège d’avoir une PS2 US auraient tort de se priver. 🙂

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