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2.02.2006 @ 23:45:56 | Midori  |   français

You like puns? Medieval fantastic mixed with contemporary? Stories about ogres, princesses and magicians? Awful jokes and two pennies humour ? Xanth is for you, then.

* worse than Terry Pratchett, truly ! You know, the sand witch lives in Xanth…

Xanth (A spell for chameleon – The source of magic – Casle Roogna – Centaur’s aisle – Ogre, ogre – Nightmare – Dragon on a pedestal – Crewel lye : A caustic yarn – Golem in the Gears – Vale of the Vole – Heaven Cent – Man from Mundania – Isle of View – Question Quest – …) Welcome in Xanth, a place where it is better to pay attention to the plants, the animals, and especially to the puns, if one wants to survive. Bink will be driven out of his home because he does not have a magic talent and that the law of the current king wants that. The evil magician Trent was exiled because he wanted the power… but is everything really like appearances show it?

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  1. You know, I never read those books but my parents loved them. Maybe I should finally give them a try.

  2. Do so, espacially if you like puns, witty jokes, and such things ! (If you do read them, watch out for one of my favorite characters, Demoness Metria, also known as D.Metria: she really has a problem with words 😛 )

  3. AOUUUUUH :DDDD Ils sortent un film !!! voir http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0436786/

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